What is SARP?

As the University of Washington’s student-run rocketry organization, we design, construct, test, and launch a hybrid engine rocket from the ground up every year. We participate in the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association’s (ERSA) Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC). In this competition, we have the chance to show what our rocket can do alongside 95 other teams from around the world. In 2017, we placed second in the highest altitude category at 30,000 feet.

Who are we?

We are students at the University of Washington from all corners of academic experience. Students apart of this team can expect to gain practical hands-on experience  that most other students won’t have the opportunity to get while working in countless areas: manufacturing, design software, avionics, testing, management, fundraising, and much more. A time-intensive project like this with a significant amount of individual contribution requires each member to be responsible for their work; however, there will always be experienced members on the team to help the newer members along the way. The students involved on this team have the opportunity to to develop their skills and put them to the test in an high-performing environment similar to what is seen after graduation.

What kind of rockets do we build?

Our rocket is brand new every year. The rocket uses both a liquid nitrous oxide oxidizer and a solid paraffin wax fuel grain – that’s where the hybrid part comes in. Last year, the body of the rocket, from nose cone tip to the bottom of the fin can, was over 14 feet long, and was designed to reach a speed of Mach 1.3. The rocket is designed to launch a payload, reach 30,000 feet, and be recovered after the flight.

Big Dawg – 2017


Hybrid Rocket III – 2016


Hybrid Rocket II – 2015


Hybrid Rocket I – 2013


STEVe – 2009