Info Sessions

Welcome back to the school year! We hope you’re all as ready to start building a rocket as we are! The leadership team will be holding TWO information sessions during the first two full weeks of school before the team applications are due (on October 13th).

Wednesday, October 4th & October 11th |  5:30pm  | MEB 238

These info sessions are perfect if you have any questions about the organization, including:

  • What even is SARP?
  • What is a team member’s typical time commitment during the week?
  • What does each team actually do?
  • How can I be involved in the team, even without a ton of experience?
  • How does working on the team fit with my Capstone project?
  • What kind of experience can I expect to gain while working on the team?

And anything else you need answered by this year’s leads. You are encouraged to bring your friends of ALL majors – both engineering and non-engineering, as we need people from all backgrounds on the team. We hope to see you there!




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